Digant Patel

Digant Patel

Senior Project Manager

Digant Patel, who is originally from India, now resides in Warren, New Jersey. This hardworking product owner and project manager first came to America in 1999. He has 16 years of experience in the financial industry after receiving his Masters in Computer Engineering. Some of his characteristics include being dynamic, adaptable, self-motivated, high-performing, and knowledgeable. Patel also enjoys giving back to the community in his spare time by volunteering and advocating for various nonprofits, demonstrating his ability to balance work and personal life.

Patel is well-known for his dynamic leadership and bilingual abilities, and he excels at project implementation to meet critical business and IT objectives. He develops strategies for aligning multiple disciplines, coordinating efforts across business groups, and driving complex system integration for robust, high-quality programs that solve problems and deliver business results. He has developed strong management skills as an Agile Product Owner, focusing on energizing teams and creating a culture based on professional performance and personal fulfillment.

Digant Patel's career has been built on successfully implementing Agile transformations. He has assisted teams in focusing on continuous improvement and process automation, which has helped to streamline operations and drive growth. Patel's specializations include completing complex projects on time. He is also an expert in a variety of system lifecycle methodologies, including SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid approaches.

Patel, a natural problem solver, is equally at ease with complex software implementations as he is with explaining technical processes to stakeholders at all levels. Similarly, he enjoys assisting fellow technologists in mastering new technology and concepts, establishing himself as a professional mentor and influencer.

Patel has earned numerous certifications and is a strong supporter of ongoing personal and technological development. He is, for example, a Certified Scrum Alliance professional.

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