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Digant Patel's Personal Statement

Digant Patel, who was born in India, now resides in Warren, New Jersey. In 1999, this hardworking product owner and project manager arrived in the country for the first time. He had 16 years of experience in the financial sector after earning his master's degree in computer engineering. He is described as being dynamic, adaptive, self-motivated, top-performing, and knowledgeable, to name just a few qualities. Patel also enjoys giving back to the community through volunteer work and support of various NGOs in his spare time, demonstrating how he balances his personal and professional lives.

Agile Team Lead for International Teams

Patel, who is well renowned for his energizing leadership and bilingual skills, has a talent for carrying out projects to accomplish important business and IT objectives. He develops his ideas to integrate complicated systems for strong, high-quality programs that address issues and produce business results, while also coordinating activities between corporate groups. He has great managerial abilities that are focused on motivating teams and creating an environment that fosters both professional success and personal fulfillment as an Agile Product Owner.

Digant Patel has made a career out of successfully executing Agile change. He has assisted teams in concentrating on process automation and continuous improvement, which simplify operations and promote growth. Patel has successfully completed challenging projects on schedule. He also has extensive knowledge of a variety of system lifecycle processes, including the SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid methods.

Patel, a natural problem-solver, is equally at ease implementing complex software or describing technical procedures to stakeholders at all levels. He also enjoys assisting other technologists understand new ideas and technologies, demonstrating his abilities as a mentor and influencer in the business world.
Patel is a great supporter of ongoing technological and personal development, and he has earned a number of certifications. He is a Certified Scrum Alliance Professional, for instance.

Professional Background and Accomplishments

Digant Patel has managed challenging regulatory projects and has proven to be a solid candidate for running programs like FINRA/ESMA. He worked with business and technology stakeholders in this capacity to satisfy US and European regulatory standards. He is extremely knowledgeable about FINRA regulations, such as FINRA OATS, which includes Submission, Rejections (Context/Syntax), and Mismatches, Electronic Bluesheets, ACT, MSI 605/606, and LOPR reporting, as well as MiFID regulations, which include Trade (MiFIR Article 20 & 21) and Transaction (MiFIR Article 26) Reporting, Cost & Charges (MiFID II Article 59), Best Execut

He is a high-performing leader with a track record of effective governance, risk mitigation, and on-time project execution. Easily recognizable financial institutions including Chase, Citi, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Lazard Asset Management have all served under his leadership. By working for these prestigious financial juggernauts, Patel established a reputation as a terrific multitasker with solid business and IT skills.
He joined Chase as a Data Warehouse Architect in 2004. He oversaw the installation of a Sales MIS Data Warehouse in this capacity, which was necessary to enhance the business intelligence reporting of the organization.
After that, he worked with Citi for over six years, where he advanced quickly and developed expertise in managing legal projects including OATS (Order Audit Trail System) and MSI 605/606. As a member of a cross-departmental team, he put governance and control systems into place. In order to develop long-term reporting solutions, he also offered technical recommendations and architectural vision with the necessary emphasis on performance, security, control, and durability.

Patel managed numerous regulatory projects for FINRA Regulation while working as a senior project manager and vice president at Barclays Investment Bank from 2010 to 2016. These projects included Electronic Bluesheets, OATS (Order Audit Trail System), MSI 605/606, LOPR, ACT, RegNMS, Large Trader, Surveillance & Supervisory reporting, and CAT (Consolidated Audit Trail). He reinvented the financial institution's project management approach among many other crucial duties. In order to fulfill market expectations, he also developed and carried out a project to streamline procedures.

Digant Patel has also worked for a number of prestigious financial institutions. From 2016 to 2019, he was a Senior Project Manager and Senior Vice President at Deutsche Bank, where he developed his management skills while overseeing a number of regulatory projects for the MiFID (European) FIN Regulation, including Trade & Transaction Reporting, Article 59 Client Reporting, Best Executions - RTS 27 and RTS 28, Cost & Charges, and FIRD (Financial Reference Data) Reporting He accomplished many more things in this capacity, including facilitating demos, estimates, and Sprint planning.

As a Sr. Product Owner, Sr. Scrum Master, and Vice President at Lazard Asset Management, Digant Patel continues his history as one of New York’s top Agile development professionals.

Patel now offers a reporting platform to help small and medium-sized financial institutions comply with the most recent FINRA, ESMA, and SEC rules. He pledges to deliver improved end-user knowledge that makes it simple to get product information and supports the justification of premium pricing.
A Financial Professional with Broad Experience

Patel is aware of the significance of striking a balance between his professional and personal objectives. He makes the time to engage in his other interests, including volunteering, gardening, and running. As so, he has finished countless 5K and marathon races, benefiting noble and humanitarian causes.

Prior to his quick ascent to positions of leadership and management, Patel finished his schooling at reputable institutions. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bhavnagar University in Gujarat, India, and his Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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